Just the other day as my two-year-old granddaughter was packing up to go home, she asked if she could take home a stuffed-animal froggy. I replied, “No, actually froggy needs some repair; one of the seams on his body needs to be re-sewn.” Her reply: “Who did it? Was it Goldilocks? Did she get in here?” She had learned some information from a recent read of “The Three Bears” and transferred that knowledge into solving the question of why the frog needed repair. We thought it was pretty cute. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Now Goldilocks is getting blamed for anything that is damaged!

We are all seeking a little useful information from time to time, and Washington County Library users have been using magazines as one source of information through the years. The library is expanding its offering of magazines with a subscription to a digital magazine service called Zinio. More than 120 popular magazine titles in digital format are now available to library card holders.

Find relevant, up-to-date information on a wide range of topics using magazines. Want to know the latest trends in fashion or home decorating? Interested in finding out about new car models in preparation for a new-card purchase? Looking for gardening tips, meal-planning suggestions, and more? Or do you just want to relax and explore the latest in pop culture?

Read the latest issues of magazines such as “Consumer Reports,” “Popular Mechanics,” “Good Housekeeping” and “Seventeen” on a personal computer or mobile device. You just need a library card registered with Washington County Library. See the entire magazine in a digital form. Checkout digital magazines for as long as you want to keep them. There are no due dates.

To begin using the service at Washington County Library you will need to set up two accounts, one a library account and one a Zinio account. Find instructions on the Library’s “READ” page.

Washington County cardholders are encouraged to call branch libraries with questions about the service. Find library locations and phone numbers on the Library’s web pages at: www.co.washington.mn.us/library

Digital magazines – enjoy this new source of information!

Library Woman is Joey Halbach, Community Relations Librarian for Washington County Library. Contact her at: joey.halbach@co.washington.mn.us