It’s time to get your fair on!

It’s fair time! There’s something about hot weather and long days that brings to mind – at least for me – the County Fair. There’s nothing like being in the show ring with a pig, the hot sun beating down on you while you try your best to parade that pig before the judge so that he or she can examine the attributes of your animal, and hopefully put you in the winner’s circle! Ah, that’s summer. Never mind, that the sweat is dripping from your brow and your clothes are sticking to your body. Or that you have stepped in pig poop!

My fair was the Trempealeau County Fair in Galesville, Wisconsin. That fair dates back to 1858! I first exhibited at the fair in 1957 when there was a class for student’s school work.  Teachers tried to pick the very best examples of work from a variety of students and entered them in the fair. My booklet about Thanksgiving in word and pictures — completed in my Grade 3 classroom under the direction of Mrs. Thies — earned me a blue ribbon. I still have the booklet! Though the years, I exhibited pigs, cows, clothing, baked goods and more.

The fair in Galesville was a social occasion, drawing people from the entire county. It even drew back people who had grown up in the area, but had long since moved away.

The Lutherans had their church stand, selling complete meals and snacks. Pie and coffee with friends was a favorite.  Of course, if you were Lutheran, that’s where you had to eat. The Catholics had their stand right next door. Same rule applied. The Lion’s Club had a popular chicken feed – anybody could go there!

There’s still time to get your entries in for the Washington County Fair, held each year at the Fair Grounds, 12300 North 40th Street, Lake Elmo.  The dates for this year’s fair are August 1-5.  I checked their web site at and found all of the information you need to enter. Open class exhibitors may submit their entries online.

And Washington County Library can help you. Consult books and magazines on photography, needlework, gardening, collecting, and more for good ideas.

Library Woman is Joey Halbach, Community Relations Librarian for Washington County Library. Contact her at: